About Me


Thank you for taking an interest in The Little Cake Company.

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Robyn Cooper, a 50-something Berkshire girl residing in a gorgeous village on the Norfolk/Suffolk border with my husband, John.


I’ve always baked... my earliest memories involve standing precariously on a kitchen chair, “helping” my patient mother with her amazing cakes.


Nothing elegant, just delicious homemade sponges, fruit cakes and buns to fill the cake tins and our tummies!


Baking is my default setting for happiness;

When I had my own children, I wanted them to have unique, hand-baked birthday cakes and so the obsession began.


Entirely self-taught and fuelled by enthusiasm (and caffeine!) my hobby has flourished over the years.

Family and friends have entrusted me with their special celebration cakes and encouraged me to start my own bespoke business.


So, here we are... welcome to The Little Cake Company!

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